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Postby Tingtong » Sat Dec 22, 2007 6:32 pm

Whats funny is out of the 100's of shit I download a week, they catch me downloading something I cancel 3min later.. damn spanish DVDs! I forgot to migrate my ipfilter.dat file when I started using the new alpha client of Utorrent. If you wanna block these assclowns go to


The have giant blacklists for MPAA and other assclowns who track this sort of garbage. Basically you ban 30% of the internet from your machine. It actually will speed of your bittorents as well since some of the banned IP's try to flood the torrent with crap data that bogs it down.
Dear Subscriber:

This email is being sent to you by Road Runner Customer Care
because we have received a complaint that your computer has been used to
distribute copyrighted material without authorization through a
peer-to-peer program. We received this complaint from the movie studio,
record company, television studio or other company that owns the
copyrighted material. The purpose of this email is to remind you that
the distribution of copyrighted material in this fashion may violate
both the copyright laws and Road Runner?s terms of service, and to tell
you a bit about peer-to-peer programs, the dangers they can pose to your
computer and our network, and the steps you can take to protect

A computer can become accessible to a peer-to-peer network for an
unlimited period of time after a peer-to-peer program is downloaded.
You may not even be aware that such a program is on your computer; a
child or a visitor to the home could have downloaded it. That is why we
want to alert you to this issue.
Peer-to-peer programs may contain many problems. For example:
· Downloading and offering for upload copyrighted material without
authorization is unlawful. If you or others using your computer have
been doing this, you could be subject to civil penalties and criminal
fines. Such activity also violates the Road Runner terms of service.
· The programs allow any anonymous person on the Internet to look at
your computer files and copy them for themselves. Such a hacker could
view all of your files, which can lead to identity theft.
· The programs, which use large amounts of memory, can interfere with
the functioning of your computer by destabilizing your operating system,
leading to a general sluggishness at bootup and during operation.
· The programs can contain spyware, adware, malware, viruses and

If you are interested in a discussion of problems associated with
peer-to-peer file sharing, please follow this link:
http://research.pestpatrol.com/whitepap ... impact.asp.

If you use the Windows OS, the best way to remove peer-to-peer
programs is through the Add/Remove Programs tool. Other removal options
are discussed at
http://security.uchicago.edu/peer-to-pe ... hare.shtml.

Thank you for subscribing to Road Runner.

Very truly yours,

Road Runner Customer Care

Re: MPAAP2P - Notice ID #XX-XXXXXX Copyright Infringement.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please be advised that NBC Universal and/or its subsidiary and
affiliated companies (collectively, NBC Universal) are the owners of
exclusive rights protected under copyright law and other intellectual
property rights in many motion pictures and television programs,
including the title(s) listed below (the NBC Universal Properties). NBC
Universal diligently enforces its rights in its motion pictures.

It has come to our attention that Road Runner is the service provider
for the IP address listed below, from which unauthorized copying and
distribution (downloading, uploading, file serving, file "swapping" or
other similar activities) of the NBC Universal Property or Properties
listed below, or portion(s) thereof, is taking place. We believe that
the Internet access of the user engaging in this infringement is
provided by Road Runner or a downstream service provider who purchases
this connectivity from Road Runner.

This unauthorized copying and distribution constitutes copyright
infringement under Section 106 of the U.S. Copyright Act. Depending
upon the type of service Road Runner is providing to this IP address, it
may have legal and/or equitable liability if it does not expeditiously
remove or disable access to the motion picture(s) listed below, or if it
fails to implement a policy that provides for termination of subscribers
who are repeat infringers (see 17 U.S.C. 512).

Despite the above, NBC Universal believes that the entire Internet
community benefits when these matters are resolved cooperatively. We
urge you to take immediate action to stop this infringing activity and
inform us of the results of your actions. We appreciate your efforts
toward this common goal.

The undersigned has a good faith belief that use of the NBC Universal
Property or Properties in the manner described herein is not authorized
by NBC Universal, its agent or the law. The information contained in
this notification is accurate. Under penalty of perjury, the
undersigned is authorized to act on behalf of NBC Universal with respect
to this matter.

Please be advised that this letter is not intended to be a complete
statement of the facts or law as they may pertain to this matter or of
NBC Universal's positions, rights or remedies, legal or equitable, all
of which are specifically reserved.

Please send us a prompt response indicating the actions you have taken
to resolve this matter, making sure to reference the Notice ID number
above in your response.


If you do not wish to reply by email, please use our Web Interface by
clicking on the following link:


Note: If your email program has inserted line breaks into either the
email or web links above, you can copy and paste the entire link in to
you email program, or favorite web browser, respectively.

Very truly yours,

Mark Ishikawa
c/o NBC Universal Anti-Piracy Technical Operations
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

tel. (818) 777-4876
fax (818) 866-2155

*pgp public key is available on the key server at
** For any correspondence regarding this case, please send your emails
to antipiracy@nbcuni.com and refer to Notice ID: XX-XXXXXX. If you
need immediate assistance or if you have general questions please call
the number listed above.
Title: Heroes (TV)
Infringement Source: BitTorrent
Infringing Filename: Heroes - 1ª Temporada DVD 3
Infringing Filesize: 4682969182
Infringing URL: http://tracker.dvdquorum.es:2710/announce

Title: Heroes (TV)
Infringement Source: BitTorrent
Infringing Filename: Heroes - 1ª Temporada DVD 1
Infringing Filesize: 4684787806
Infringing URL: http://tracker.dvdquorum.es:2710/announce

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Postby barbos » Sat Dec 22, 2007 7:31 pm

wow... gg :stupid:

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Postby Twystyd » Sat Dec 22, 2007 10:44 pm

Lol fucking great man
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Postby Nilbert500 » Sat Dec 22, 2007 11:49 pm

what does this mean exactly? You going to federal pound me in the ass prison :nervous:
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Postby Tingtong » Sun Dec 23, 2007 8:16 am

haha naa it's just a scare tactic. If roadrunner gets enough of these letters it would warrant termination of my ISP account. Now if the FBI breaks down my door and if you don't hear from me in 2months then yes I'm in prison :P

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Postby Tearlock » Mon Dec 24, 2007 2:02 am

The programs can contain spyware, adware, malware, viruses and

I was reading this and the 'one of these things is not like the other' song popped into my head. OMG a program can contain PrOn!!!
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Postby Rishug » Sat Dec 29, 2007 1:03 pm

They're really cracking down on heroes downloaders...I may or may not have gotten a similar letter. It was a good wakeup call though.

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