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Grouping in this game

Postby Sirion » Thu Dec 27, 2012 10:44 am

Man, I see videos like this and I really want to fashion a damn group that can actually zerg bust a little better than we do right now. Obviously this video has been created in a fashion so as to exemplify a group working together, and since its a recruitment video they are putting their best work out there, and I'm not sure I think showing a bunch of d/d elementalists teleporting into a churning earth is a great way to show that, but the idea behind the group is sound.

I know NoX is notorious for being around sometimes, and not being around other times, but I really wish we could recruit some people, or started looking at recruiting some people so we could organize our groups a bit. We all have established characters (some, like myself, more than others) which means we can invite based on what we need, but there were several fights last night that we should have just fought and won that we didn't because we aren't used to running with more than 2-4 people at a time, and no one is used to assisting or calling targets. I think we could make a group out of what we have, with certain elements added of course, that could bust some zergs, and then promote more WvW from the guild in general. I made almost 3g yesterday in WvW. If we didn't run from so many fights, it could have easily been over 5, maybe that will be enough to get these PvEers out of Fractals, since they are going there for cash moreso than gear from what I'm hearing. (Every time they leave they say, "I gotta go make that money").

We can easily start this with what we have if we consider what we need and what would make this possible. Just a thought.
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