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Ascended Gear Guide

Postby Twystyd » Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:04 am

Ascended gear

So far we don't know much about ascended gear. We know they are gotten from the Fractals of the mists dungeon but the exact method is unknown. In the future this gear might be obtainable through other means but for now the only way to get them is through the new dungeon.

The upgrade is huge for some stat combinations, crit damage scales really well which makes items with more of it really good if you use a crit damage build.
here is an example of a new ascended ring named "Red Ring of Death"

Right now there are 20 different ascended rings in the game, 40 if you count the "infused" versions. ... m-rarity=8

There are also ascended back items which you can see here

From previous information we've learned that an exotic back item called the Prototype Fractal Capacitor can be obtained from the Fractals dungeon token vendor. For now I'm assuming you can get the Beta Fractal Capacitor by using the prototype in a mystic forge recipe.

Since ArenaNet has stated that the rewards for doing the dungeon increase the higher your level is, you probably can't expect to get much(or any) Ascended gear on the first levels of the dungeon, but for all we know farming the first level could be the most effective way to get Ascended gear.

This section will be updated tomorrow after noon PST as we make out first ventures into the new dungeon.

Ascended back slot items

The mystic forge recipe to create Acended quality back slot items which have the appearance of either a quiver or a book is:

1x Vial of Condensed Mist Essence + 50x Glob of Ectoplasm + 40x Crystals/240 Philosopher's Stones + 250x T6 fine material

If you use 40 Crystals in the recipe you get a book, if you use 240 Pilospher's stones you get a quiver. Both version of this recipe use 24 skill points.

These are the items people have reported getting from the items used, but none of the are confirmed, so use at your own risk!

It seems like the books you get line up with the same stats when using the same T6 fine material.

Back item(Quiver) Back Item(Book) Stats T6 Material Used
Endless Quiver Tome of the Rubicon condition dmg/precesion/toughness Ancient Bone
Quiver of a Thousand Arrows There with Yakkington: A Traveler's Tale ?? power/toughness/vit/mf Viscious Claw
Quiver of Swift Flight Book of Secrets ?? power/precision/crit dmg Powerful Blood
Sights Be True Symon's History of Ascalon ?? Toughness/power/cirt dmg Armored Scale
Bowyer's Delight Koss on Koss ?? power/toughness/vitality Viscious Fang

All of these back items are bind of account and bind on equip.

Here's a picture of what a quiver looks like when equipped:
Posted Image

Posted Image


Infusions can already be made right now so here's a little info on them.

Aach infusion adds +5 agony resistance and sometimes other stats

There are two types of infusions in the game right now

Defensive infusions
Omni infusions

Infusions go in the upgrade slots for Ascended gear. Ascended gear has 2 types of slots

Defensive infusion slot
Offensive infusion slot

If your ascended item has a defensive infusion slot, it can be upgraded with a defensive or omni infusion. If your ascended item has an offensive infusion slot, it can only be upgraded with an omni infusion because there are no offensive infusions yet I think.

Right now there are 22 infusions in the game, you can see them here:

The Simple Infusion[s] and Versatile Simple Infusion[s] can be gotten from the fractals dungeon token vendor at 75 tokens and 225 tokens respectively, but don't have any stats on them.

This leaves 10 Defensive and 10 Omni infusions left to discover.

Some of the those infusions with stat of them can be crafted in the mystic forge. The recipe for them is:

Defensive Infusion Mystic Forge Recipe
1x Eldritch Scrolls + 20x Mystic Coins + 250x Passion Flowers + 100x T6 fine material

Omni Infusion Mystic Forge Recipe
2x Eldritch Scrolls + 50x Mystic Coins + 100x Passion Flowers + 250x T6 fine material

Which stat you get a +5 to depends on the T6 material used Using the regular fine materials this covers 6 of the 10 different infusions fo each time, but some other crafting materials work with this recipe as well. You might want to hod off on making these until it is known which T6 material results in which stats.

So far we know
Item used infusion bonus stat
Ancient Bones Vitality
Vicious Fang Precision
Venom Sac condition damage
Intricate Totem ???
Armored Scale ???
Ancient Bone ???
Viscious Claw ???
Passion Flower ???
??? ???
??? ???

5-30 gold for a meager 5 stats is probably not worth it but if you wan the perfect gear then this is the only way for now.
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