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Postby Twystyd » Sat Dec 12, 2009 12:37 pm

Elfdroper Gravelender wrote:Yea sucks now I have a house land and can only smoke an 1/8th of kindbud a day, sucks. :toothy10:

Hey Twyst who are you picking tonight? I'm going for Sanches by KO in the 2nd and Kongo by KO.

Sanchez I think can pull it off and I just hate Mir so i hope Kongo knocks him out. :toothy10:

Mir really is a D-bag. I think he may submit Kongo though. BJ Penn is a beast as a light weight and I think he will beat Sanchez. I'll be rooting for Sanchez but Penn is impossible to take down and that's what Sanchez needs to do. To me the fight of the night is the Florian vs. Guida fight. I can't wait and both of those dudes are full throttle. Enjoy the fights brotha!
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